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Multiple keywords on the same page or one keyword per page

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For quite some time, the number of keywords to be incorporated on the different web pages for a website has been debated. The keywords are key factors for SEO, and the rise of content marketing has certainly impacted the usage of keywords. Keywords surely affect online visibility and the ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

According to SEO Expert Rand Fishkin, it is very common that the implementers are competing with the similar type of keywords for high ranking. But in such a case, not each one of the implementers can use them professionally, as they lose focus of them. Thus, he suggests that single page targeting is much effective for the websites.

The implementer can try first to understand how to choose between multiple or single keywords per page on the website. The difference of them is given below.

One Keyword for each Web Page

According to SEO Sydney experts, usage of one keyword for each web page results in keyword ranking, more readability and maybe more conversion rates.

Why some choose this option:

  • Simpler to write persuasive business headlines and business-sounding content.
  • Focus on user experience and content quality becomes business oriented rather than SEO oriented.
  • Diverse keywords or keywords variation are not a concern at all.
  • Content that focuses on one keyword phrase has a direct match in visitor search query and is more relevant.

Why some reject this option:

  • The keyword may not deliver expected result.
  • Ranking for secondary keywords may become less competitive.
  • Ranking gets affected for other keywords such as long tail keywords.
  • Larger amount of contents is written on different webpages which focus on many keywords.

Multiple Keywords usage on one Web Page

Various reputable SEO Company Sydney experts say that multiple keywords usage may boost the number of search engine rankings and the internet presence for the website. Moreover, it decreases the length of the content which the implementer writes on the website.

Why some choose this option:

Why some reject this option:

  • Readability can get affected due to the usage of many keywords, their variation or other similar phrases.
  • Web page cannot be SEO oriented professionally for the primary keyword.
  • Flow of business keywords in content of the page may seem exaggerated to the visitors
  • Decreased relevance pertaining to the search purpose of the visitors

Keywords Usage

At first glance there is confusion about choosing between single keyword or multiple keywords. But it is the job of the implementer to give a plan about the content length that he plans to write.

What an exceptional SEO Company does is that it chooses individual keywords when it invests high on content marketing. This means that at least a couple of web pages with related content are written every week for long period. As a result, the web pages become SEO oriented and get along with the visitor search for exact keyword match.