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Investment property depreciation

Claim a deduction and maximize your refunds

It is very effective to have the exact information about some tax procedures and make sure you meet some conditions for the deductions you are claiming in your tax return Sydney CBD . So it is up to you to consider few things before claiming the deductions. This small deduction can make a huge difference in reducing your tax bill if you have decided to itemize. For the proper management of your tax files, you need an intelligent tax consultant to help you out from any problems related to deductions or tax credits, but if you are going to lodge your tax return yourself, then you need to know a few rules for claiming deductions.

You can claim tax deductions, which should be an expense related to earning your revenue. This editorial will touch on a little tax deduction offered to business owners.

What subtractions can someone safely claim?

You can claim tax deductions on things, which is necessary to run your business. It includes your home office, Furniture and equipment, travel, entertainment expenses, and office supplies, so it is very important to have the latest update about the deductions. As I understand, being a small business owner, you may be independent minded and want to execute things on your own. You can find an online micro business tax preparation plan, which may show you how you can prepare your tax return. These types of programs can walk you through credits and deductions, so with the help of these programs, you may know about all the deductions you can claim, but you are required to meet all the conditions about tax return Sydney if you live in Sydney.

• keep maintaining records, receipts and invoices.

• you can claim a deduction on your taxable income.

• don’t claim an expenditure that you have been, or you will do.

• Claim the deductions in the year of purchase, for the 2014 financial year, purchase must be made between 1 July, 2013 to 30 June, 2014.

Tax deductions means the amount subtracted from an individual’s gross income so as to decrease the taxable income. Its vital standard deduction depends on the person’s tax return filling condition.

A taxpayer should not pay income tax on expenditures termed tax deductible. Expenditures such as office expenses, travel and all the expenses related to the office come under the deduction list. Tax deduction always helps to get a higher refund. If you itemize your income tax return, then you will get to know an idea of what you can deduct exactly. And the most important thing is that you can save big amount in tax preparation fees just by organizing things properly. You can save time by getting all the required documents in order before you go to tax accountant Sydney or begin your tax return Melbourne online. We would suggest you to do lots of research before filling return, because it will help you to know about the latest amendments and deductions.

Keep below written deductions in your mind before you start the procedure of the tax return.

1. Vehicle and travel expenditures: – This expense should be related to the official purpose. It will not include the expenses of your daily trip between home and work. You can’t claim for it. You can claim for your official trip travel expenses as you visited somewhere to attain the meeting or seminar. It comes under the tax deduction rule. So your travel expenses claim should have a logical reason behind the deduction, which you can show as an official expense. Every year, the tax deduction is changing according to the rules and regulations, so you must have the complete knowledge about the latest updates.

2. Tools, equipment and other assets: – if you are self employed and your home office is your principal place of job, then you are completely able to claim a deduction for office equipment’s, tools and other assets. An item that costs 300$ or less that can be claimed quickly. Always keep the receipt of your assets, an equipment and furniture are deductible. Furniture includes your office table, desk, printer cabinet, file shelves, chair and even a computer, fax machine, all the things related to office equipment you can claim for it easily. So you need to utilize the benefits of it as per deduction rules.

3. Home office expenses: – If you utilize the part of your home for business, you are able to deduct expenses for the trade use of your house. The home, workplace subtraction is available for homeowners and renters there are two important rules for your home to meet the requirement as a deduction. It includes repair, maintenance, mortgage, etc..

• Regular use: – You need to use the part of your home for official purpose on a daily basis and if you use an extra room to operate your business then you can take a home office deduction for that extra one.

• the principal place for your trade: – You just need to show that you use your house as your workplace of business. If you conduct your business outside of your house, but also use a few rooms of your home for office use regularly, you are allowed to claim for home office expenses.

4. Other deductions: – An individual can claim for any kind of work related expenses. A cost related to reference books and union, expert association amount and phone bill of the agency. There are diverse of deductions available for you that you can claim, it just depends on your profession. So before applying your tax return, you need to find out various information about the amendments on deductions.

Save your hard money by getting full knowledge about the tax return and its deduction. There are lots of online advisor available on the Internet, you just need to find the right one, who will support you in lodging the tax return. Get a professional tips from experts and lodge your tax return yourself.


Multiple keywords on the same page or one keyword per page

SEO Sydney - SEO Services Sydney - SEO Company Sydney

For quite some time, the number of keywords to be incorporated on the different web pages for a website has been debated. The keywords are key factors for SEO, and the rise of content marketing has certainly impacted the usage of keywords. Keywords surely affect online visibility and the ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

According to SEO Expert Rand Fishkin, it is very common that the implementers are competing with the similar type of keywords for high ranking. But in such a case, not each one of the implementers can use them professionally, as they lose focus of them. Thus, he suggests that single page targeting is much effective for the websites.

The implementer can try first to understand how to choose between multiple or single keywords per page on the website. The difference of them is given below.

One Keyword for each Web Page

According to SEO Sydney experts, usage of one keyword for each web page results in keyword ranking, more readability and maybe more conversion rates.

Why some choose this option:

  • Simpler to write persuasive business headlines and business-sounding content.
  • Focus on user experience and content quality becomes business oriented rather than SEO oriented.
  • Diverse keywords or keywords variation are not a concern at all.
  • Content that focuses on one keyword phrase has a direct match in visitor search query and is more relevant.

Why some reject this option:

  • The keyword may not deliver expected result.
  • Ranking for secondary keywords may become less competitive.
  • Ranking gets affected for other keywords such as long tail keywords.
  • Larger amount of contents is written on different webpages which focus on many keywords.

Multiple Keywords usage on one Web Page

Various reputable SEO Company Sydney experts say that multiple keywords usage may boost the number of search engine rankings and the internet presence for the website. Moreover, it decreases the length of the content which the implementer writes on the website.

Why some choose this option:

Why some reject this option:

  • Readability can get affected due to the usage of many keywords, their variation or other similar phrases.
  • Web page cannot be SEO oriented professionally for the primary keyword.
  • Flow of business keywords in content of the page may seem exaggerated to the visitors
  • Decreased relevance pertaining to the search purpose of the visitors

Keywords Usage

At first glance there is confusion about choosing between single keyword or multiple keywords. But it is the job of the implementer to give a plan about the content length that he plans to write.

What an exceptional SEO Company does is that it chooses individual keywords when it invests high on content marketing. This means that at least a couple of web pages with related content are written every week for long period. As a result, the web pages become SEO oriented and get along with the visitor search for exact keyword match.

Investing in Real estate

Benefits of investing in Real estate

Do you have lots of money? Do you want to invest your money in any business? Are you worried about the real sectors to invest your money? Okay, then you may simply depend on real estate business. This is one of the most growing and profitable business at present world which can be the perfect sector to invest your money. Till now lots of successful and young entrepreneurs have invested their money in real estate sectors and frankly, most of them got huge profits in return. This article is going to describe the

benefits of investing money in real estate sector. But before that you must need to be careful that all of these depend on your brilliant decision. You must need to select the useful properties at perfect location to get these benefits from your real estate investment. For example, if you are planning to buy a villa or house then try to buy it near at any tourist attraction so that you can earn regularly from that.

  • Increase of your profit:

Obviously, you want to get huge profits in return and that is why you are planning to invest your money in a business. In that case real estate is a perfect place as the price of lands, houses or properties are always increasing. You just need to find out perfect properties to invest your money. It is proved that the profit of a property increase a lot per year than any bank bond rate or bank profit. So when you will move to sell the properties then obviously you can make huge profit from your properties. It is the risk free investment which can be your regular income source.

  • Regular income source:

It is the best benefit of investing your money in real estate. If you want then you may earn regularly from the rent of your real estate. At the same time, when you will move to sell your properties after few years then you will get enough profit for sure. But before that it can be your regular income source. Moreover you are allowed to increase your rental rates after expiration of your lease term with your clients. In some cases, owners increase the rates of their properties every year. It all depends on your lease term. You just need to be careful about the maintaining and security of your properties.

  • Chance to improve your properties to increase market value:

Suppose that you just bought a villa and you are earning regularly from the rent of that villa. Although the price of properties are always increasing but still you have chance to increase the value of your property slowly by yourself. Are you surprised? Okay, don’t worry as I am here to discuss about the tricks. You just need to improve your villa day by day with all modern facilities. At the same time, you may take care about the color and other conditions of your villa. So here you will get the chance to improve your villa day by day. It will open the chance to increase the market value of that villa. So real estate investment will give you the chance to increase the market price of your properties easily than other sectors.

  • Security:

Real estate properties are the best options for your economical security. If you are planning to take loan from any bank then you may use your real estate properties as mortgage for your bank loan. Although actual price of these properties are always increasing but still you have the chance to get enough loan against your properties. You may use this loan to solve your economical problem or you may use them for more investing purpose.

  • Retirement planning help:

Renting real estate can be the one and only way source of your regular income after your retirement. We did a small research and found that more than 50% senior citizens of United States are earning regularly from their real estate rent after their retirement. So you may invest in real estate sector for the upcoming future.

  • Easy to sell:

Real estate properties are always helpful in your economical crisis. If you have valid documents of your properties then it is really simple to sell your properties easily and quickly. You just need to find out some useful places or classified websites to sell your real estate properties. Just post your advertisement with details in these classified websites and I am sure that you will get lots of responses from your potential clients. So it is really simple and easy to sell your properties when you want.

  • Security for your family:

Real estate properties can be the security for your family in the absence of yourself. It is like economical security for your family members in the absence of yourself. They can earn regularly from the rents or if they want then they can sell the property permanently. So you can invest in real estate properties for the future of your family members.

There are lots of benefits of investing in real estate business. Moreover, in most of the countries local governments are helping a lot to attract the investors to invest in this specific sector. Day by day lots of investors are investing in real estate. At the same time, some countries have declared different types of package to attract investors. Now it is your time to think about investing in real estate properties. Obviously, it can be a secured investing sector for you. If you live in Sydney, you can check out some details as Bookkeeping Services Sydney, Bookkeepers Sydney or Bookkeeping Services in addition to tax return to check about accounting management and find out some attractive real estate properties within your budget range so that you can invest in that property without any doubt.

Capital gains tax & investment property

Your home office and capital gains tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) is a form of the tax that you paid when you made a profit on the non-inventory asset sale of that thing which was purchased at a lower cost amount than the amount that you gained on sale. Most common capital gains are made on the sale of stocks, bonds, property or precious metals.

In the usual course of things, the sale of your home is immune to paying capital gains tax. When you dispose of your home, you get a relief known as PRR (Private Residence Relief). But if you ran a business from your home, then the scenario is completely different. If you ran a business from your home or residence, you will be required to pay capital gains tax. If this is the situation, then the amount of tax payable will be determined by home office set up and occupancy expenses.

There are separate guidelines set to determine the deduction you can demand for three different ways you work at home-

1. – If your house is the place of your work and you have a specific area to work at your house, then you can claim-

a. Occupancy expenses such as mortgage interest, rent, insurance on your house, etc.)

b. Running expenses such as the cost of using the room, (gas, electricity, etc.)

c. Business phones costs.

d. Depreciation of curtains, rugs, electrical fittings, etc.

e. You can also demand decline in the value of office equipment’s such as tables, chairs, desks, computers, etc.

2. – Your home is not the place from where you operate your work, but still you have a specific homework area then you can claim-

a. Running expenses.

b. Deduction on the value of office equipment’s.

c. Cost of business phones.

d. Depreciation of curtains, rugs, light fittings, etc.

3. – You work from your home, from any room and do not have a specific area for business purpose than you can claim-

a. Running expenses

b. Costs of business phones.

c. Decrease in the value of office equipment’s.

You can still manage to get relief from capital gains tax. There are three ways by which tax deduction for running and occupancy expenses can be claimed. By following three ways you can get relief from capital gains tax-

By using ATO set rate of 34 percent per hour covering gas, electricity and office expenses-

If your home office isn’t set aside exclusively for your business purpose, in that case, you can use this method. If you are working from any room of your home given that no other family member is using that room at the same time when you are working from there, the occupancy expenses like rates, water and interest on your mortgage will not be subjected to the tax deduction and your home will be immune of capital gains tax.

By working out the actual running costs-

Apart from using the ATO rate of 34 percent, working out the substantial cost per hour, of electricity and gas of the room that you are using for your work is another method. Under this course the actual cost of your office furniture can also be claimed. But in this case you wouldn’t be able to demand home occupancy expenses, and your home would not be affected by capital gains tax.

Use the floor area of your home and claim the occupancy and running expenses-

If you want to use this method, the perquisite is to clear a test known as “the interest deductibility test”. To pass the test you need to have a specific portion of your home designated for the purpose of work and it should be clearly identifiable as part of the home meant exclusively for business. If given conditions are, fulfilled, you could claim the occupancy expenses as rates, water, interest on mortgage and rent of the floor area of your home office.

To make an estimate of the current expenses like electricity and gas, floor area of the home office could be used. You can also calculate actual hourly cost.

You should always bring in consideration the following points while running a business from home-

The day you decide to set up a home office, get a valuation on your house. And if in case, in the future, you stop running the business from your home get another evaluation done. Always stay in touch with your accountant to keep an eye

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on how they are demanding your home office expenses. Make a clear picture in your mind of what would be more beneficial for you, sharing a room with your family and claiming 34 percent hourly as a tax deduction or giving capital gains tax.

In case you are using the floor area of your home to claim the occupancy and running expenses make sure that it is accurate and not vague. The ATO will expect to see the correct measurements.

Always keep a check on how many are running expenses in relation to working at your home. Maintain a diary for a period, for about four weeks at least, for each income year. You can claim a fixed rate for running expenses such as office furniture, electricity, cooling, heating, etc., instead of keeping a check on actual expenses.

But for some people paying capital gains tax is not a big problem. They work from home by setting up a home office irrespective of the fact that they have to pay heavy capital gains tax. But before you set up a home office keep in mind all the points that are mentioned above in this article. Go for what is more salutary for you. Prior to making a decision, keep in mind the guidelines that determine the deductions. Also keep in mind the pros and cons of setting up a home office. We have put together all the basic information that you need to know about your home office and capital gains tax. Through this article we intend to help you to make your mind regarding setting up a home office.

Real Questions to what life is like in Costa Rica


(The contributor is affiliated with the U.S. Embassy and has lived in San Jose for two years. This is a follow-up to the article submitted 18 months ago.)

Travel time and best routes to this city from Europe or the US (check flight schedules with Expedia) : 2.5 hours from Miami (American Airlines). Flights are also available through Houston (Continental) or Atlanta (Delta).

Pollution index? Moderate. As I stated in my previous report, it depends on the winds. During the dry season they burn everything: empty housing lots, farmers’ fields, construction sites, and garbage!

Security concerns? Mostly against tourists or the unwary in downtown San Jose.

Housing: A combination of gated condos and individual houses. Both are walled compounds. Condo complexes are gated with security. Houses are walled but usually share at least one common wall with a neighbor.

International schools: American International School, Blue Valley, and Lincoln. Embassy personnel have children in all three and all seem to be satisfied.

Preschool/daycare available: Yes, and quality varies considerably.

Is it a good city for gay/lesbian expats? Good is a relative question. There is a gay community, but I do not know about the quality of the experience.

Are there problems with racial, religious or gender prejudices? This is definitely a typical Latin culture where men rule. My impression is that most Costa Ricans do not particularly like North Americans.

What difficulties would someone with physical disabilities have living in this city? Many. Although there are some efforts to put ramps at street crossings, there is little effort to provide better access to buildings. Sidewalks are usually just another place to park cars; so for even the able bodied, walking the streets can be a challenge.

Interesting/fun things to do: Beach resorts, eco-tourism, whitewater rafting, clubbing. As for the interesting and fun things to do: little is easy here. We have bad roads, no signs, no addresses, and minimal maps. To me the biggest deterrent to doing many of these activities is simply the fact there is no government or safety oversight; you are at the mercy of the quality of the resort and the fact that there is only one hospital of any quality in the country, and they do not have a helicopter. If you get injured, you will be thrown into the back of a converted minivan (called an ambulance) and carted for hours over miles of bad road to reach the only decent hospital.

What fast food and decent restaurants are available? All the American standards are here: McDonald’s, KFC, TGIF, Toni Roma’s, etc. There are a few good restaurants, but they are usually not owned by Costa Ricans nor do they serve local fare. And they are usually outrageously priced for the quality of the food and the service.

What is the availability (and the relative cost) of groceries and household supplies? Everything is available, just not all the time or at the store where you found it last time. Prices are equal to or more than what you would pay in the

states for just about everything.

What comments can you make about using credit cards and ATMs? I would not recommend giving a card to someone who goes to another room or out of your site to process it. Otherwise, you should have no problems with either ATM/Debit cards or credit cards.

What type of automobile is suitable to bring (or not to bring) because of rugged terrain, lack of parts and service, local restrictions, carjackings, etc? If you want to go anywhere other than to work: a 4X4.

Do you drive on the right hand side of the road or the left? Right.

What is the best way to make phone calls back home? Voice over IP, a service like Vonage or other computer-based system. Bring the service with you, especially Vonage, no matter where you buy it in the states; they will not ship it to an APO. I personally use Vonage with very good results, and it is becoming more popular with embassy personnel as they find out about it.

Do you have any recommendations regarding cell phones? They are widely available. The embassy issues a cell phone to all direct hire personnel and pays the basic, local service, but not long distance. The local telephone company is a monopoly and the system is very overloaded; although service seems to be fairly good throughout the country. Expect to receive a lot of wrong number calls.

Items you would ship if you could do it again? None, really.

Availability and cost of domestic help: Available and relatively cheap depending on how often and what you want them to do: house cleaning only, child care, extended hours, etc.

How much of the local language do you need to know for daily living? None.

Internet access cost and quality: Quality has improved over the last two years, probably as a result of the CR president sending the CAFTA trade agreement to the legislature for ratification.

Size of expat community: 4,000 or more; just don’t expect to see or meet any of them.

Are there decent job opportunities for expats on the local economy? No. The SNAP program here has placed only one person in the two years I have been here. Local wages are low by any standard. However, you may find work by call centers who value good english very highly. You will not earn the money you did back home.

Any health concerns? What is the quality of medical care available? Dengue fever has become a problem this year, but it is not as bad as the local press tries to make it seem.